Helping Children with Autism Succeed

Behavioral Consultations for Children with Autism

Children with autism and related differences face unique challenges at home and in the classroom. ABAskills helps families address both academic and non-academic behaviors in productive ways. Every child is different, and we work with everyone from young children diagnosed with autism in EIBI (early intensive behavioral intervention) to school-aged learners who require organization and social skills.

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Is ABAskills Right for You?

  • Are you unsure of how to address your child's problem behavior?
  • Do you want your child to learn to communicate effectively?
  • Is your child having difficulties with attention and organization?
  • Is your child experiencing challenges with making and keeping friends?
  • Do you wish that your child's school knew how to best work with your child to maximize success?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help. Our behavioral consultations focus on achieving real outcomes that help parents and teachers work with children more effectively and put the necessary supports in place. Contact us for a consultation and discover the possibilities.

Family & School Staff Development

ABAskills, LLC provides early intensive behavioral intervention and other home and community services. This includes in-service training and professional development for schools and districts that have staff working with students with autism and other developmental differences. Headquartered near Pine Brook, New Jersey, we provide these services to the northern and central areas of the state, and throughout parts of New York.

Behavioral Consultations

This service can be provided in the context of home and/or school, by a BCBA or BCaBA. This helps us design an appropriate and individualized plan for the child.

Program Reviews

Have one of our helpful consultants assess your child's current program, review learning objectives, teaching procedures, and other data. We then make recommendations and collaborate with family and/or school staff on how to move forward.

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1:1 Instruction

This is a direct service that can be offered right in your home or on-site in an environment like daycare centers. This is a great option for personal, tailored solutions.


This service is available in both home and school settings. Shadowing is a great way to help facilitate independence and provide support for your child/student in social and educational settings.

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs)

FBAs are conducted in order to determine the cause of a particular problem behavior. Once completed, a behavior intervention plan may be developed and can be implemented at home and/or in school.

Comprehensive Skill-Based Assessments

Skill-based assessment tools are utilized to get a baseline measure of your child's abilities. This will, likewise, allow us to determine appropriate programming goals.

Tolerance Training

This 1:1 service is offered to children who experience difficulty tolerating specific environments, activities, or routines in everyday life. Our trained staff approaches each meeting with care and empathy.

After-School Parent Training

This service is offered at schools and school districts that have students who require the carry-over of skills mastered in school to the home. This is a convenient way for parents to learn these skills in a nearby location.

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