Ray Cepeda, Director and Founder of ABAskills.

Aba Skills provides Autism and Family services and educational family services_Redbank NJ_ Nj and NYRay Cepeda, BCaBA, Founder and Director 
(New Jersey, NYC, Brooklyn & Long Island)

Ray Cepeda, BCaBA is the Founder and Director of ABAskills, LLC, a private consultation firm specializing in the education and treatment of children with autism and related learning differences. Mr. Cepeda gained his initial experience under the tutelage of consultants trained by Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas. After being hired by the Institute and mentored by Scott Wright (CEO of Lovaas Institute) he became a Workshop Leader and was subsequently promoted to Clinic Supervisor. During his time with the Lovaas Institute Mr. Cepeda was instrumental in establishing a Lovaas Institute satellite office in South Orange, NJ where he supervised and trained a number of ABA therapists to implement the Lovaas model of applied behavior analysis. He completed BACB coursework requirements in applied behavior analysis with Dr. Vincent J. Carbone, Ed.D, BCBA and completed the BACB mentorship requirement with Dr. Bobby Newman, Ph.D, BCBA.

He has had over twenty years experience supervising home-based programs, functioning in administrative roles at the McCarton School in New York City, the ELIJA School on Long Island and The Brooklyn Autism Center in Brooklyn, NY (all schools that specialize in the education and treatment of children with autism utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis), consulting with school-based programs in New York, New Jersey and Arizona, integrating and mainstreaming learners with autism into typical learning environments, training parents, and speaking at local and national conferences on topics regarding the use of behavior analytic teaching methodologies and program individualization for children with autism.

Mr. Cepeda is a former recipient of the Award of Distinction from Long Island Advocates for his dedication and service to the autism community and he is also a member of the Human Rights Committee for the New York Center for Autism Charter School in New York, NY.

Listen to Ray Cepeda’s Interview on Autism Radio


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Aba Skills provides Autism and Family services and educational family services_Redbank NJ_ Nj and NYMarcia Questel, B.A, Behavior/Program Consultant
(Long Island)

Marcia Questel has been working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders for over 10 years. Inspired by her early experiences with a family member when he received his Autism diagnosis, she has committed her education and life’s work to the autism community. She has an excellent rapport with children of all ages paired with a balanced level of instructional capability. Continuously engaging in team meetings, workshops, and seminars, she is also a dedicated consultant and parent trainer. She is educated and experienced in various forms of behavior data collection, and skilled in the implementation of behavior analysis and creating effective education and treatment recommendations. One of her main goals for every team is to create treatment packages that effectively bridge the home and school environments. She is experienced in teaching children to use a variety of modern communication technologies and passionate about keeping up to date with current and ongoing research regarding behavior treatment, communication, teaching, and related issues. Her research interests include executive functions (specifically inhibition), theory of mind, and social skills instruction in inclusive settings. Marcia is currently completing her masters in special education and her coursework requirements to sit for the BCBA exam. Following the BCBA program, she will be pursuing a Doctorate in Education.


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Aba Skills provides Autism and Family services and educational family services_Redbank NJ_ Nj and NYKeri Pedersen MS Ed., S.A.S, BCBA, Behavior/Program Consultant
(New Jersey)

Keri Pedersen is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) she holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education and a certificate of School Administration and Supervision. With 18 years experience, Keri specializes in the development, implementation and evaluation of evidence -based programs for young learners with ASD.

Keri received Post-Master’s training in Applied Behavior Analysis at Rutgers University. She has presented research at national and local conferences and is a member of professional organizations that are devoted to the advancement of applied behavior analysis.



Aba Skills provides Autism and Family services and educational family services_Redbank NJ_ Nj and NYRandi Feinberg, M.S., Ed, Behavior/Program Consultant
(Long Island)

Randi Feinberg is a dynamic, skilled behavior consultant specializing in learners with autism spectrum disorders. Teaching for over twenty years, she has dedicated her career to improving the lives of individuals with special needs. Randi consults for districts across Long Island, this includes training teachers and assistants to implement individualized educational programs for students with varied developmental differences. She works with learners in early intervention throughout adulthood, creating home-based programs and overseeing private school placements. Randi has presented a variety of teacher development workshops, covering topics such as teaching students with autism, integrating children with special needs into typical classrooms, and addressing challenging behaviors. Randi holds her permanent certification in Special Education K-12, and General Education, N-6. A recipient of the Daniel Milch Memorial Award, she was been recognized by the Long Island Family Support Consumer Council for her role in improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Randi has been working with Ray Cepeda for over ten years and is an integral part of the ABAskills team.



Aba Skills provides Autism and Family services and educational family services_Redbank NJ_ Nj and NY

Jessica Lisanti, ABA instructor 
(NYC and Brooklyn)

Jessica Lisanti has been working with individuals with special needs from ages 4 to 22 years old since 2010. Jessica began her experience at the Center for Discovery in Harris NY, as a residential associate. When she moved to NYC in 2014, she began working as a private caregiver for children with special needs and began working at East Side Social, a social group for children with autism. She has experience implementing behavior plans, collecting behavior data ,both in 1:1 and small group setting, supervised by BCBAs. Currently she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She plans to get her Masters in applied behavior analysis and pursue a career as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

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Aba Skills provides Autism and Family services and educational family services_Redbank NJ_ Nj and NY

Amanda Sacco, Social Media Consultant

Amanda Sacco holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Communications and English as well as a Master of Arts degree in English Literature from Centenary College. Amanda worked as the Music Director of WNTI Radio in Hackettstown, NJ from 1999 through 2005. She is the Social Media Consultant for ABASkills.

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Aba Skills provides Autism and Family services and educational family services_Redbank NJ_ Nj and NYGinny Cepeda, Office Manager

Since ABAskills, LLC was formed in 2003, Ginny has been a critical component to our success. Her organizational skills, warm and engaging manner with our families, their therapists and caregivers and her ideas for marketing and advertising have been instrumental in achieving our goals. Working tirelessly with our families, schools, school districts and our consultants she has allowed us all to be focused on providing exceptional education and treatment of our learners while maintaining a super-tight ship in the back office! Contact her for information about our services at 973-294-8819 or email her at schedule@abaskills.com


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