Ray Cepeda, Director and Founder of ABAskills.

Aba Skills provides Autism and Family services and educational family services_Redbank NJ_ Nj and NYRay Cepeda, BCaBA, Founder and Director 
(New Jersey, NYC, Brooklyn & Long Island)

Ray Cepeda, BCaBA, CBAA is the Founder and Director of
ABAskills, LLC, a private consultation firm specializing in the education and treatment of
children with autism and related learning differences in the metropolitan area. He is
also the author of “Putting the Pieces Together: An ABA Program Manual” (2013).
Mr. Cepeda gained his initial experience under the tutelage of consultants trained by Dr.
O. Ivar Lovaas. After being hired by the Lovaas Institute and mentored by Scott Wright
(CEO of Lovaas Institute) he became a Workshop Leader and was subsequently
promoted to Clinic Supervisor. During his time with the Lovaas Institute Mr. Cepeda was
instrumental in establishing a Lovaas Institute satellite office in South Orange, NJ where
he supervised and trained a number of ABA therapists to implement the Lovaas model
of applied behavior analysis. He completed BACB coursework requirements in applied
behavior analysis with Dr. Vincent J. Carbone, Ed.D, BCBA and completed the BACB
mentorship requirement with Dr. Bobby Newman, Ph.D, BCBA.
He has had over twenty years experience supervising home-based programs,
functioning in administrative roles at private schools that specialize in the education and
treatment of children with autism utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis,
consulting with school-based programs in New York, New Jersey and Arizona,
integrating and mainstreaming learners with autism into typical learning environments,
training parents, and speaking at local and national conferences on topics regarding the
use of behavior analytic teaching methodologies and program individualization for
children with autism.
Mr. Cepeda is a former recipient of the Award of Distinction from Long Island Advocates
for his dedication and service to the autism community.

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